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So It Begins

If someone would have told me 2 years ago that I would publish a book of my own, I would have thought that he either doesn't know me at all or is out of his mind. When the person in question is your father, you hope that neither of the above is true. Yet this is almost how it happened. One Sunday night during the weekly conversation with my father somehow the topic of literature came up. He is an avid Russian Sci-Fi reader. Myself, being able to read in both English and Russian, I have read a lot of different flavors yet I lean more towards Fantasy with Lord of The Rings topping the all-time favorite, although as of late I began to favor the Urban Fantasy flavor of it. Anyway somehow the conversation turned towards literature and out of nowhere he suggests that I write something of my own. There are many things that I can be, writer, in my head is not one of them as I by nature I trend to keep most of my thoughts to myself unless I am absolutely sure that it makes 100% sense. Putting my ideas out for unfamiliar public judgment is a big no-no in my rule book. So obviously I laughed off the idea and we moved on. Not too long afterwards I happened to walk past one of the street book vendors on the streets of Manhattan. This vendor was selling only one title which made me assume that it was his own work. I saw people stop, examine, laugh and even buy!!! The book was called "How to Roll a Joint." and at that point it hit me, whatever I will write will perhaps be less useful information than this, but hardly any worse. If this guy did it, there is no reason in the world why I can't. It took me almost 2 years of writing and re-writing, editing and re-editing until my son pointed out to me that if I'll keep doing that I will never publish. I realized at that point that I was just stalling to avoid the inevitable and decided to take the leap and publish. So here goes, my first book "Coerced Assassin" for your enjoyment.